Customer support has never been so simple.

Jelpy is a super app to gather feedback from your customers, ask questions, report bugs or share ideas.

Step over cumbersome help desks. We are here to make it simpler.

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    Translate the widget into the language your customers speak.

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    Team Members

    Add multiple team members per project. Forget the password sharing.

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    Advanced Autoresponder

    Create rules to send auto-replies outside your working hours as well as when you are on vacation.

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    Controllable with Javascript

    The widget is fully controllable via JS. Toggle, submit when you want it.

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    Integrate with Slack, Asana, Wordpress, Jira, Trello and many others.

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    Multiple projects

    Every user can have multiple projects. Create a project per your application.

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    Canned Responses

    Have multiple response templates. Speed up your workflow!

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    Mail forwarding

    Forward mail from your [email protected] mailboxes to Jelpy.

Even more features coming

We are working hard on the set of new features to make your experience of using Jelpy more than just efficient. No really.

  • Shareable and embeddable forms

    Share form via Twitter or embed as HTML snippet.

  • Screenshots and attachments

    Screenshots and attachments for even more efficient communication.

  • Collect NPS and ratings

    Get ratings and NPS scores from your users.

  • Intelligent message processing

    Filter, assign labels, process messages before they reach the inbox.

Begin receiving feedback in a minute!

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